Casting process

Sign up opens

First sign up closes
Second sign up period opens

Second sign up closes

Casting done, players notified, if anyone did not get a spot on the larp they will be placed on a waiting list.

Last day to accept the suggested character

Last day to pay the participants fee

The second run of sign up will be on a first come-first serve basis until the larp is filled. Anyone signing up after the larp is filled will be put on a waiting list and called in if there are any drop outs before the larp runs.

In case we do not have enough self identified male players signing up for the first run we will open up to other participants. If this happens the male players who have already signed up will be notified and have a chance to opt out if they would not be interested in playing a mixed gender run.

In case we get enough interested signed up for future runs we will aim to do a mixed gender run in the fall of 2015.