Elin Gissén – Visionary


In 2013 Elin attended the Swedish run of Mad About the Boy, and has been nursing the idea for this LARP ever since. This is her first bigger project as an organizer, but she has written and run a few smaller scenarios. In her every day life she can be found in Uppsala, studying to become a teacher. In the future she wishes to have sufficient bookshelves and an organized closet.

Elin has a finger in all the pies in this project, making sure that everything lines up nicely with the vision of the LARP.

You can reach her at

Johan Nylin – Fiction and characters


Johan has organized LARPs since 2007, primarily exploring topics like prejudice and monorelationships and mostly games set in the Granland-campaign, but he has also organized a few humorous scenarios. He works as a substitute teacher while completing the last semester of his own teacher education. He dreams of living a nice, quiet and financially sound life, thank you very much!

Johan writes the characters and the world they live in. He also proof-reads all texts from a male perspective.

Johan can be reached at

Siri Sandquist – Production and Contact


Siri started organizing LARPs in 2014 and has earlier been a part of projects such as Suffragett! and Cabaret – a LARP musical. In real life she is an archaeologist and works at a museum. When she grows up she wants to drink tea and read more books.

In It’s a Man’s World Siri is the one handling most of the communication with the participants and the main practical production at the site such as food, time management and props.

If you want to reach her personally by emailing:

Staffan Fladvad – Production and Economy


Staffan is currently busy doing life-stuff but will write something about all the cool stuff he has done before as soon as he has time.
In It’s a Man’s World Staffan is mainly responsible for the economy and as a proof reader of the fiction from a male perspective.

If you want to reach him personally regarding the project email: