The Disaster

The 28th of august 2014.
A date that never will be forgotten. The day all women died and life changed forever. There had been rumours before, about pandemics sweeping the world, strange deceases but no one was prepared for what happened that day, so suddenly and so brutally. It started Around 10 a clock in the morning and was horrifyingly quick. Within 30 minutes it was clear that every person with XX chromosome was dead. At least in Scandinavia, possibly in the world. Everyone knows where they where in that moment, many saw it with their own eyes.

It started with them coughing, as if there was no air left, and then they where coughing blood, collapsing in the streets and in the offices. Within minutes they where dead. Phone lines broke down ofcourse everyone trying to reach their loved ones and those first couple of days where chaotic. No one went to work, a whole world numbed by grief.

In Sweden head minister of parliament Fredrik Reinfelt saw his chance and he reached the nation, created a crise group, extended arms to the other Scandinavian Nations and pretty quickly practicalities of life where functioning again. But emotionally everyone was damaged. And they all new, chances of the human race surviving was minimal. This was the end of humanity.