All characters are organized in groups of three.

They will contain the basic elements of the character, as well as their primary relationships, that you are then welcome to expand upon. They will all be available to read by all players after the initial casting has been done and everyone has received their characters.

The following trios will be at the LARP:

The Committee – The people in charge of the program.

The Specialists – The professionals in charge of the evaluations.

The Survivalists – A self sustained group living separate from society at large.

The Lovers – A group who were already part of the gay scene before the Disaster, and are basing their family on love.

The Radicals – Activists representing a political counter-culture.

The Professionals – A group whose professional qualifications makes them suited to rise a child.

The Nuclear family – A family with a transgender woman.

The Academics – Young idealistic students aiming to shape the new world that is to come.

The Fathers – A group of people who were all fathers before the disaster.

The Brothers – Working class brothers struggling with the aftermath of a suicide.

The Singles – Close friends handling ambivalent sexual tension.

The Three Wheels – A group of three who would rather be two.