Will there be any women at the LARP?
We aim to do an all-men run in August, that means that the first run only will be open to people who identify as male; we as organizers leaves it up to you as a participant to make that identification. There will also be 3 biological and identifying (cis) women on the site of the larp. The two organizers Siri and Elin, and a player that will portray Eva, the last living woman on earth. They will be in the black box and stay out of your way during the game.
Siri, as being in charge of the food making will be in the kitchen regularily, discretly dressed. If you don’t want to break complete immersion, stay away from the black box, the kitchen and the outdoor area next to the kitchen during the game.

I wont be able to arrive with the recommended train and don’t know how to get to the venue?
Contact us with the arrival time to closest train station and we will try to make a pick up possible, we cannot promise anything at this time but will try to make it work to the best of our abilities.

Can I choose a character for the game?
No, in the sign up you will be asked to answer some questions about what kind of play you will prefer, and we will cast you to a part accordingly.

If I don’t like the part you suggest, can I change?
Not really, contact us and tell us what your problem with the role is and we will try to make sure you feel comfortable with the part you are assigned. If more than one player want to change you may change with each other.

Can I bring alcohol to the LARP?
No. There is a zero tolerance on alcohol at the venue as it is owned by the church. If we find that you are intoxicated you will be asked to leave the venue at earliest possible convenience.

In what language will we play?
English is English and Swedish is Swedish in the fiction. Since the game takes place in the fictional Nordic union all Scandinavian languages will be used. Most of the preparations and information in game will be done in Swedish. However, if you do not understand all that is said you can use English to clarify. Likewise if you want to come to the game but don’t understand ”Scandinavian”, it will be doable, but you should be prepared that you will require a fellow player to translate for you in some instances.

Will there be any private showers?
There will be a designated shower for those participants who are not comfortable with communal showers, it will be shown to the participants at the venue.

What about meat?
Even if all the food that is provided by the organizers will be completely vegetarian there will be an in game barbecue on friday night hosted by some danish participants that plan to bring a grill. You can bring your own meat and put on the grill if you wish to but there will also be a filling vegetarian meal provided by us in the organizing team.