It’s a Man’s World is a LARP about those left behind after a global disaster that killed more than half of humanity. An inexplicable disease killed all people carrying XX chromosomes in minutes. The surviving men are facing not only the task of recreating their society, but also the probable extinction of humanity.


We aim to tell a story about what it means to be a man. We wish to create a space for men to explore the male gender role and to have an intimate experience, based on their relationships and family constallations.

Story and structure

Three years have passed. Three very long years. But now there is finally a shred of hope, that you get to experience first hand.

Our story centers around a group of men who have all applied to a government program that claims to have succeeded in creating artificial wombs. After extensive evaluations they hope to be approved to rise the first new generation.

The first act centers around these evaluations. The family units of three will meet psychologists, medical specialists and social workers, and try to convince them all that they are suited to be fathers and that they will be able to provide a safe and loving family for a child.

The second act will be set off by the revelation that the success of the artificial womb project was a lie, and the mother of the children that the project will provide is actually the worlds last living woman. As she enters, the world as you know it changes again. And now you also have to convince her.

Genre and playing style

The style of the LARP is social realism in a 360 setting. A few select scenes will be exceptions from the 360 experience, to help highlight the themes. There will also be a blackbox available to play out metascenes if the player wish to.

Even though the characters are in a competitive situation we expect the players to help each other tell this story together. It’s not about ”winning”, it’s about experiencing this world, with all the emotions and possibilities that comes with it.


This is a pay and play-game, which means that you as a player have very little preparation that you need to do. You will receive a character written by the organizers, and any relationships and character development that you need before playing will be provided in workshops in connection with the game.

We need you to:
1. Read you character
2. Read the two emails with information that you will receive prior to the game
3. Bring an outfit, and maybe some items, fitting your interpretation of the character

If you wish to, you are free to read, watch and listen to our inspirational material, as well as connect with your fellow players in the Facebook-group, but this is not a requirement.



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