It’s a Man’s World is a LARP about masculinity, family and fatherhood, loss and hope.

In a not so distant future a plague has swept the world, killing everyone without a Y-chromosome. In the waste of the Disaster civilization still stands, but it is a doomed civilization.

However, in the newly formed Nordic union an advanced research project around artificial wombs is reaching its final stages, and potential parents are being screened. They are hoping to be chosen to raise the next generation of humans. Only, the rumored artificial womb project is really just a smoke screen. In fact, the joint-Nordic government shelters the last living female…

Time: 27th-30th of august 2015
Place: Rävnäs gård, outside Västerås, Sweden
Language: Panscandinavian and English
Organizers: Elin Gissén, Johan Nylin, Siri Sanquist and Staffan Fladvad
Graphic design: Liv Vistisen Rörby

The August run aims to be an all-male run. If you are interested as a female or non-binary player you can still sign up, we will keep you on an interest list for a future mixed run.